How can I contact you?

To contact Big Shoulders Capital to discuss your funding options, call us at (224) 927-5330, or fill out and submit our Contact form.

How quickly can you fund?

Big Shoulders Capital has funded as quickly as seven business days following our site visit. To view our typical process and timing, click here.

How much is the application fee?

There is no charge for Big Shoulders Capital to review a borrower’s application. Upon acceptance of our terms, the borrower provides a deposit to cover the cost of the collateral appraisal and the direct legal costs associated with the funding.

What kind of loans do you make?

We fashion funding solutions that are best suited for our clients and provide a senior secured position for Big Shoulders Capital. Our loans are most often term loans with a maturity of one to four years, with amortization built into the payment schedule.

Where are the companies that you fund?

We loan money to companies throughout the United States.

What are the interest rates and advance rates?

Interest rates vary depending on a variety of factors, including type of collateral, location, duration of the loan, funding amount, and amortization. However, Big Shoulders Capital always offers pricing and terms that are consistent with, or more favorable than, the market. We have advanced as much as 80% of the forced liquidation value of the assets being financed.

How long are the loans?

The shortest term for a Big Shoulders Capital loan is six months and the longest term is four years. Our loans are most often made for one or two years.

What if I have outstanding tax obligations, judgments, or am in a potential receivership, assignment for benefit of creditors, or foreclosure?

Big Shoulders Capital has provided high risk loans to companies in a variety of challenging circumstances. We make it our business to find out the whole story, and then we are able to provide tailored lending solutions to meet borrowers’ needs.

What are some of the companies you have provided a loan to?

Big Shoulders Capital has funded companies in a wide variety of industries, including construction, metal fabricating, injection molding, die-casting, material handling, food processing, and many others.

Find out your funding options – contact Big Shoulders Capital today.