A Houston metal fabricator was at risk of failing, until we put them on our shoulders.

With sales in a tailspin, the twenty-year-old minority-owned machining
company couldn’t make their debt payments, and their bank called their loan in February 2017. Nearly the entire 30-person staff was laid off. Area banks refused to throw them a lifeline, wary of any company imperiled by the oil and gas market problems. They were on the brink of liquidation.

Then they called Big Shoulders Capital.Click here to view the case study.

A Large Manufacturer Facing Liquidation

Big Shoulders Capital worked with a large manufacturer to take out their very fatigued lender. By providing this funding solution, the company avoided liquidation, retained their employees, and ultimately refinanced with another lender. The lender was able to quickly appreciate a great recovery and avoid further distractions and expenses. We were uniquely positioned to provide this lending solution for the manufacturer and bank when other companies could not.

An Equipment Rental Company Facing Bankruptcy

Big Shoulders Capital provided a loan to an equipment rental company that had recently filed for bankruptcy. Because of the bankruptcy, the company could not find any lenders to provide working capital and fund equipment purchases. We recognized the opportunity in this business and were able to provide a loan when no other lender could.

A Demolition Company with an Investment Opportunity

Big Shoulders Capital provided acquisition financing to a demolition company that wanted to take advantage of an investment opportunity but did not have time to solicit traditional financing. We quickly became familiar with and accepted the terms, and provided funding so the company could complete their transaction.

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